Alaska Women Speak

AWS: After the Blitzkrieg

Song Poems

One of two notebooks in the Trapper Keeper, circa 1987. For the heck if it, I thought I would review them. Cringe. Poems of idealistic love and yearning, lol. Like I said, cringe. #embarrasingworks#idealisticlove #firstwriting

Trapper Keeper and Other Silly Things

The origins of my writing career, a Trapper Keeper. Over 30 years old, containing 107 song poems I wrote between 1987-89? Priceless and surprisingly intact. #writing #songpoems #loveandinnocence

Getting Real

So, it is getting real. I have 8 chapters that are due to the editor at the end of September. Tingling with excitement, but heart racing the oh-my-goodness-this-is-happening moment. #goals #completion #medusa