June PoWriMo

OK, so PoWriMo is inspired (ripped off from) National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), when many poets are inspired to write/post a poem a day for the entire month.  As noted on this blog, I dedicated my April to writing a cycle of poems on the Medusa myth.  It was hard to keep up the past.  Heck, some days I was behind, writing as many as 6 poems a day to get caught up!  Or, in a marathon just to get ahead of the count.  In the end, what mattered was that I crafted at least 30 poems (hey, I did 44!) and posted one per day, or two in a day, if I was late, LOL.

Like I said, it was painful at times.  However, you want to know what?  I kind of missed it when it was over. And, you know what?  I finished a project that was not only unbelievable hard, but satisfying.  I thought: why not do it again?

Do people not write in summer?  Oh yes, it is gorgeous outside, but seriously, get your inspiration while you soak up some rays and write a haiku about it!

Who is up for the challenge?

I propose, on this blog, that I will offer/write the following for the month of June.

#1 Of course, I will post a poetic snippet, like my raw fragments like I did in April for all followers to enjoy! At least 30 poems in 30 days!

#2 Offer, for those up for the challenge themselves, a prompt-a-day post to help YOU get those creative juices flowing.

Anyone game?  I hope so!  And, yes, I know vacation time is upon us.  Remember, even brief haiku (OK, so even in its brevity, it is not the easiest to write) counts.  Just do it!  I even have two conferences to attend in June.  Am I crazy?  Well, I write, so yes!

Let’s do this!