Excerpt: Medusa, The Lost Daughter


From “Athena’s Vengeance”

The best punishment is often the one that

allows the thief to steal the forbidden

and to think he is wise for it until he

is caught and the punishment is a surprise.

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Excerpt: Medusa, The Lost Daughter


From “The Sinking Ship”

Only a fool tempts a fate he cannot

change or bargains with a sealed deal, when the

only choice left is to comply. Man

drowns as the ship sinks, if he only thinks

of the ship and not of saving himself.

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Excerpt: Medusa – The Lost Daughter

From “The Birth of the Gorgon”

For every monster, a hero is born
to end its tyranny, and to bring forth
its demise. Medusa saw hers born in
a flash of lightning in the sky, as she
was cast down from Athena’s eyes to the
scorching desert of Sarpedon

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