Word List Wednesday

I both hate and love word list poems.  They are great for creativity.  How often do you reuse the same words and metaphors over and over again?  Check your last 5 works; you might be surprised.  I hate them because it can be difficult to incorporate most, if not all, words in the list into one poem.  Yet, I am up for the challenge.  Anyone else game?  🙂

To be fair, I am using a dictionary to pull these words.  OK, to be honest, it is a Russian-English dictionary.  Wait, don’t worry!  The words will be in English.  It is just way of making sure I pull enough random words as possible without bias.

Use as many of these as you can in a poem or story for next Wednesday.

12 words

loan reference stabilizer erect install stage training glass steel torso statue head

Good luck!