Cast Out of Eden: The Vase


..but the sentiment felt odd

since the love had grown cold,



like a floral arrangement,

long after the feed packets are gone…

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This one was published in the now defunct Yellow Chair Review

Sitting in the Bathroom with Nothing Better to Do

The shower water raged
above my apartment but it did
nothing to dampen his voice.

Get out of my way!

His anger seeped into my
bathroom wall, pouring
in from his living room
on the other side.

That’s more money spent!
What have you to say for yourself?

The gentle voice tried to patch
the cracks in his voice, but
still the water wept in.

I tried, I really tried.
Leaving my bath tub ledge,
I hoped the pipes would clear
by the time I returned with the mail
and they did stop.

Later, as the hot water washed over me,
I remembered his nod and
the puppy’s happy tail as both
greeted me outside.

I waved with my letters in hand;
He waved with the soiled rug and
torn newspaper before returning to
his small friend,

I can’t believe you did that.


Poetry Post-A-Thon #1

Posted over 3 years ago…

This is the one that started it all.  Although I’ve always considered myself a fiction writer, I’ve published mostly poetry.   Of course, I have just returned to writing and publishing after a 10 year sabbatical of sorts, so we will see if I can get some fiction published.

In the meantime, this is the first poem I published.  The funny thing is, I never intended to write poetry; poetry found me.  This is the second poem I had ever written.  It was for Jon Tribble’s beginning poetry class at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  I struggled every week for something to turn in, while it seemed everyone else had a workbook of material to pull from each week. After that class ended, I took a gamble and sent this poem in with two others to Grassroots for its Fall 1999 issue (yes, that long ago!).  This one was accepted.  Enjoy!


Cool September breeze ruffles

the cheap, tattered peach color hair tie.

Lovely off-white recital gown

laced with light pink ribbon lays loosely on your skin.

A dull plastic pearl necklace—

perfect for the performance.

Luscious cantaloupe colored gloss,

fuchsia nails as possible finishing accessories

The stage cages you with its cheap metal.

There is no release.

Death is the only null in your contact.

But, even death would never redeem

your torture whether it be in heaven or hell.

That never mattered—

they still wanted more.

They went ahead.

Poked your side.

Yanked your tail.

Batted your head.

You are not human.

You just wear the dress

your owner gave you.

Feelings are not yours to feel.

You are incapable of it.

They said so.

What happens when you are the monkey in the cage?

Poetry Post-A-Thon #National Poetry Month

I am celebrating National Poetry Month at the blog for the entire month. What better way to celebrate the month than to post poetry? I will be posting some of my earliest works that I have published in various literary magazines over the last 4 years. Sadly, some of the magazines have gone defunct, but nevertheless the poetry remains.

Anyone else want to participate can certainly do so! I can be yours or someone else’s work.

When You Write

I was at a writer’s retreat recently and someone remarked about how much I had written in a short amount of time (about 4 years). They mentioned that they were older and had not written even a fraction of what I had written. You know what, though? My first thought was, I have not written enough, and that I have been making up for lost time, but when I thought about it, that wasn’t what I said. You know what I said? You will write when the time is right for you. And, you know what? I meant it. Writing is not a race or a competition. It is about writing the right things with the most sincerity at the right time and place.

As they say, you do the best for you. You can compare, yes, but remember you can only do you.

Cooking With The Smiths

Ohhh…the cookbook is almost ready. So, I had the honor of writing down all of the family recipes. It was quite a chore–possibly the hardest writing task I ever had to do. However, it is completed. The edits have been sent off and it looks great. Stay tuned for the final project. I’m so excited!

Completing a Series

Recently, I was asked by a writer on how to complete the third installment in her series while the first installment was still undergoing editing. The concern was, what if the edits substantially alter books 2 and 3? Should she even pursue book 3, or should I wait?

I’ve had this dilemma in my own series (Medusa), as I will be possibly changing one important fact (shortening the time frame for the events in the book) in book 1 as I convert it from poetry to prose. Should I do this, it will actually sync up with what I had written in book 2. So, I have a later book that will influence the rewrite of book 1.

So, the question begs, do you stop all work and just focus on the book that you are editing or do you push on with the 3 book? In the other writer’s case, I told her it is better for her to finish the third book while the muse is still working, at least to lay down the framework for what needs to happen to wind down the series. At the moment, she cannot do anything to book 1 as it is with an editor.

In my own work, I have worked on both projects at once. Revising book 1, while also writing book 2. Why? Because I need to keep going to get to book 3. Yes, I know along the way, I will have to rewrite some sections in the portions already completed. However, sometimes it is best just to push through and edit later.

Anyone else run into this?  Personally, just finishing one book is an accomplishment, let alone trying to finish three 🙂