Eskimo Pie

I am pleased to announce that Eskimo Pie has accepted 3 of my old school poems for its February issue!  When I say “old school” I  really mean old school!  Two of these poems were written 17 years ago (in my undergraduate creative writing courses no less!), with the third written about 14 years ago.  These, admittedly, were hard to place and I am glad finally to have found a home for them.  Although I did revise them, I left the gist and the overall blueprint of the original poems intact.  Looking back on them, I see a lot of growth as a poet.

Have you ever revisited an earlier work only to see how far you’ve come in your writing?  Yeah, these poems have done that for me.  I am thankful they have found a home.

I look forward to seeing “The Reflex”, “The Drop Off”, and “Crossed Eyes” in February!