13 Chairs Publication: 3 Poems

I’m pleased to announce that 3 of my poems have been accepted for publication in 13 Chairs‘ first issue, due out in Spring of 2016, published straight out of JBER.  I am excited to be a part of this new journal.  Accepted poems include The Fragments You Carry, Crabapples, and  The Fireweed Dies.

More details to come as I receive them!


Throwback Thursday: How to Eat a Bagel

Last post of the day, seriously.  When do I make all of these posts, lol.

This one was published by 50-Word Stories back in September.  Enjoy!

And, Happy Holidays, everyone!

How to Eat a Bagel

Eat like this, mama demands, nibbling the bagel like a caged gerbil with a toilet paper roll.

The boy giggles, taking his like a harmonica, raises it like a singer reaches for that final high note. Cream cheese squirts out for the audience’s enjoyment.

She rubs her expectant belly. “Kids.”

Alaska Women Speak’s Winter Issue: Publication

Hi everyone!

Just got my copy of Alaska Women Speak yesterday.  I was so excited to see my four (yes 4!) works in their latest issue, which centers around drinking coffee or tea.  Alaskans, you can get your copy via subscription (of course) or at Barnes & Noble in Anchorage, or in my other fine retailers listed on the website.

Works included:

Nonfiction:  The Important Things

Poems: Babushka’s Samovar, If I May Speak, and High Tea and Fancy Things.

Check it out!

Jennifer, who adores drinking tea, loves writing about her favorite beverage!



49 Writers: Away with the Bitterness

On December 22nd, the 49 Writers‘ blog is going to feature my poem “Away with the Bitterness” as an Alaska Shorts feature!  A Christmas theme poem, it was originally published in Peeking Cat Poetry‘s 9th issue! I am so excited to see it reprinted on our local writers’ blog.

Will post when it goes live!



Throwback Thursday – Alaska Women Speak

This one was published in Alaska Women Speak‘s 2015 Fall Issue:  Fireweed theme.

Fire Angels

Girl with corn silk curls twirls

in the meringue sundress into

a field of fireweed.

Her hands slap the magenta petals

like a propeller, spinning the fluffy

cotton until she collapses,

but does not stop,

making fire angels in the weeds.


Throwback Thursday – Alaska Women Speak

This one was published in Alaska Women Speak‘s 2015 Fall Issue:  Fireweed theme.


The cracked windshield, blotted with rain,

streaked with each wiper blade pass, as

we wasted time with a drive past the Chugach

Mountains, thick with gray cloud afros,

adorning each peak.


Miles of guard rail sheltered

our route from the swollen Eagle River just feet away

until the gray broke for a brief patch of fireweed

and a moose cow and calf,

their red-brown fur

nestled against the magenta petals

as they waited along the roadside:

spectators to our rainy day parade.