Play Along – Alaska Women Speak

Thank you, Alaska Women Speak, for accepting my poem “Play Along” for the Winter Social Media issue. As always, I appreciate AWS’ support. Check out this great Alaskan magazine at


2 Poems: Alaska Women Speak

I am pleased to announce that the latest issue of Alaska Women Speak will feature two of my poems: “The Photo He Kept” and “After the Blitzkrieg.” Alaskans, you can find the latest copy of AWS at your local bookstore. Issues are also available online via the website I am so honored to be a part of this issue!

2 Poems: Alaska Women Speak

I am humbled and pleased to announce that Alaska Women Speak will be publishing 2 of my poems in their upcoming Spring 2007 issue: “After the Blitzkrieg (London, 2002)” and “The Photo He Kept (St. Louis, 2002).” Within Alaska, you can find a copy of AWS at Barnes & Noble, The Homer Bookstore, and at many other fine booksellers. You can also purchase it online at Check out all the great works!

Alaska Women Speak Poems

Hi Everyone,
I was just notified that three of my poems will be featured in the next issue of Alaska Women Speak, which features poems about landscapes. My poems include “Dirt,” “Sweat,” and “Thunderstorm.” All these poems are about the landscapes in which I have lived in the past 15 years or so. I will post more when the issue goes to print!


Alaska Women Speak: The Call

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to post that Alaska Women Speak has accepted my fiction story “The Call” for their summer issue.  Check them out and see more work from some great Alaskan writers.  More details when they go to print!


3 Poems Accepted: Alaska Women Speak

Hi everyone!  Just got word that Alaska Women Speak has accepted 3 of my poems for their summer issue!  The theme for this issue is Lost (and found).  My poems focus on brief time in my life, just days after I graduated with my undergraduate degree, when I lost sight in my right eye:  Someone May Have Said, The Diagnosis, and All Things Mundane.  More details when the issue goes to press!




Alaska Women Speak

Hey my Alaskan folks!  Alaska Women Speak has just released their Spring 2016 issue: Adventures in Foreign Lands. I have four pieces in this issue.  My three poems and nonfiction piece center on my stay in South Korea in 2002-2003.    Locally the magazine is available at Barnes and Noble in Anchorage and Fireside Books in Palmer, as well as other stores throughout the state.

Check it out!

Poems: A Greeting at Imjingak, Chaos and Conformity, and Bibimbap.

Prose: A Forgotten War.