Poetry Post-A-Thon: Fire Angels

This one was published in Alaska Women Speak‘s 2015 Fall Issue:  Fireweed theme.

Fire Angels

Girl with corn silk curls twirls

in the meringue sundress into

a field of fireweed.

Her hands slap the magenta petals

like a propeller, spinning the fluffy

cotton until she collapses,

but does not stop,

making fire angels in the weeds.

Poetry Post-A-Thon: Spectators

This one was originally published in Alaska Women Speak


The cracked windshield, blotted with rain,

streaked with each wiper blade pass, as

we wasted time with a drive past the Chugach

Mountains, thick with gray cloud afros,

adorning each peak.


Miles of guard rail sheltered

our route from the swollen Eagle River just feet away

until the gray broke for a brief patch of fireweed

and a moose cow and calf,

their red-brown fur

nestled against the magenta petals

as they waited along the roadside:

spectators to our rainy day parade.

Poetry Post-A-Thon: Willow Rebuilds

This one was originally published in Alaska Women Speak

Willow Rebuilds

from the shards of glass, the piles of wood ash,

the remains of once soggy work shirts and jeans, and

a burned out jeep.

Beyond the twisted metal of a former guard rail and

the cardboard signs thanking the Alaska Sockeye firefighters,

the birch and spruce warriors still stand.

Some trunks burn black while others burn auburn,

like a passion that refuses to die or rest defeated.


Yet, off in the distance, where the ash grass turns

a brittle yellow then a tall green,

the fireweed rises,

its magenta petals ignite the landscape with life,

encircling the new plywood,

and the owner’s grinding saw,

as the cabin rises again.

2 Poems: Alaska Women Speak

I am pleased to announce that the latest issue of Alaska Women Speak will feature two of my poems: “The Photo He Kept” and “After the Blitzkrieg.” Alaskans, you can find the latest copy of AWS at your local bookstore. Issues are also available online via the website alaskawomenspeak.org. I am so honored to be a part of this issue!

2 Poems: Alaska Women Speak

I am humbled and pleased to announce that Alaska Women Speak will be publishing 2 of my poems in their upcoming Spring 2007 issue: “After the Blitzkrieg (London, 2002)” and “The Photo He Kept (St. Louis, 2002).” Within Alaska, you can find a copy of AWS at Barnes & Noble, The Homer Bookstore, and at many other fine booksellers. You can also purchase it online at http://alaskawomenspeak.org. Check out all the great works!

Alaska Women Speak Poems

Hi Everyone,
I was just notified that three of my poems will be featured in the next issue of Alaska Women Speak, which features poems about landscapes. My poems include “Dirt,” “Sweat,” and “Thunderstorm.” All these poems are about the landscapes in which I have lived in the past 15 years or so. I will post more when the issue goes to print!