Excerpt: Medusa, The Lost Daughter

Excerpt from “Voiceless”

A king’s voice gets the king what he wants and what

a servant can afford to pay, whether

that be in gold or a live sacrifice.

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When I Moved…A poem

I am pleased to announce that Silver Birch Press will be publishing my poem “Burns (You Forgot How Snow Felt on Skin)” in their “When I Moved” Series.  This poem details my move from the Nevadan desert to the Alaskan arctic.   I will post when it goes live!

Alaska Women Speak Poems

Hi Everyone,
I was just notified that three of my poems will be featured in the next issue of Alaska Women Speak, which features poems about landscapes. My poems include “Dirt,” “Sweat,” and “Thunderstorm.” All these poems are about the landscapes in which I have lived in the past 15 years or so. I will post more when the issue goes to print!


5 Poems: Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow

I am pleased to announce that Five 2 One Magazine has accepted 5 of my poems for its #thesideshow project.  These poems include: Korean Cherry Tea, October, Shinjang Hills, The Debate and When I Did Sleep.  They go live the 26th.  I’m so excited. I will post when they go up!  Check them out! http://five2onemagazine.com/