NaPoWriMo Day 5

Day 5 is late because I preformed my civic duty and served as an election official for the Anchorage municipal elections.  The defense and preservation of democracy made for a 16 hour long work day. A democratic hangover, I am glad that I was able to serve my community.  It is amazing to see democracy in action.  Never take it for granted.  Even at the local level, please vote, folks.  Believe it or not, you have more power at the local level than you think.  Be the change in your community. Participate in it.

OK, now for our regularly scheduled program.  Here is day 5 for you, folks!

An excerpt from “Heirless War.” The war between Argos and Cisthene has begun.

**This post has been removed as another day’s post has been made.  Keep up with these post as they are made daily.  Each remain up a day.**


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