When You Write

I was at a writer’s retreat recently and someone remarked about how much I had written in a short amount of time (about 4 years). They mentioned that they were older and had not written even a fraction of what I had written. You know what, though? My first thought was, I have not written enough, and that I have been making up for lost time, but when I thought about it, that wasn’t what I said. You know what I said? You will write when the time is right for you. And, you know what? I meant it. Writing is not a race or a competition. It is about writing the right things with the most sincerity at the right time and place.

As they say, you do the best for you. You can compare, yes, but remember you can only do you.

Cooking With The Smiths

Ohhh…the cookbook is almost ready. So, I had the honor of writing down all of the family recipes. It was quite a chore–possibly the hardest writing task I ever had to do. However, it is completed. The edits have been sent off and it looks great. Stay tuned for the final project. I’m so excited!