Need a little creativity in 2019?

My new creativity coaching site is up and running. The first boot camp will be in mid-March. Hurry today to get low, early bird pricing! See more at Inspiring MusesĀ


Exciting News for 2019

Coming soon! Be on the lookout for something special from the creator of this blog, me! Yes, I am a writer. I am focused on my own goals, but enjoy helping others reach their goals as well. Keep a lookout for something special that I have to offer to help you reach your goals.

Be the best for 2019!



August Poetry Boot Camp Prompt #16

#16 is a creativity exercise. Grab the nearest book and open it to random page. Find the first full paragraph on the left side. Cross out every other word. With the remaining uncrossed words, write a poem using those words.

Mine is an undergraduate catalog. Oh, how to use the word “forensic!”