Excerpt: Medusa – The Lost Daughter

From “The New Servant”

Beauty’s worth lies in the beholder’s pride
in it. A prize it is at its peak, but
spoiled it is after its beholder’s use.

Excerpt – Medusa – The Lost Daughter

From “The Decree”
Revelations of secrets’ past blinds the
sight in the present, as the mind shifts the
blame to soothe the past for the present’s use.

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Back from hiatus

Took a break after writing all those poems. I am excited to announce something new coming up for June. I hope to do another mini-poetry month marathon, which will include another round of prompts for all of those looking for boosts in their creativity. In addition to this, I have another surprise up my sleeve for all of you that follow me on this blog. Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this.