Celebrating with a giveaway!

I want to thank everyone who follows me on Twitter @jennifersmithak for all the updates I post. I have reached nearly 3,000 followers and I want to celebrate. And celebrating means FREE stuff for you. A giveway! Contest ends February 4th! Yeah!

So, what’s up for grabs?

2 lucky followers (can be Facebook, Twitter or this blog) will receive their choice of book: Medusa or Weathered Fragments, Weathered Souls.

3 lucky followers will receive a free registration for the March mini-boot camp. Haven’t heard about the March mini? Check it out here! https://inspiringmuses.wordpress.com/upcoming-boot-camps/

OK, how do you enter? Yes, you can multiple entries!

1> Comment or like – 1 entry

2>Share/Retweet – 2 entries

That’s it! Contest ends the 4th. Good luck!

Completing a Series

Recently, I was asked by a writer on how to complete the third installment in her series while the first installment was still undergoing editing. The concern was, what if the edits substantially alter books 2 and 3? Should she even pursue book 3, or should I wait?

I’ve had this dilemma in my own series (Medusa), as I will be possibly changing one important fact (shortening the time frame for the events in the book) in book 1 as I convert it from poetry to prose. Should I do this, it will actually sync up with what I had written in book 2. So, I have a later book that will influence the rewrite of book 1.

So, the question begs, do you stop all work and just focus on the book that you are editing or do you push on with the 3 book? In the other writer’s case, I told her it is better for her to finish the third book while the muse is still working, at least to lay down the framework for what needs to happen to wind down the series. At the moment, she cannot do anything to book 1 as it is with an editor.

In my own work, I have worked on both projects at once. Revising book 1, while also writing book 2. Why? Because I need to keep going to get to book 3. Yes, I know along the way, I will have to rewrite some sections in the portions already completed. However, sometimes it is best just to push through and edit later.

Anyone else run into this?  Personally, just finishing one book is an accomplishment, let alone trying to finish three 🙂


What is Creativity Coaching?

What is Creativity Coaching?
Creativity coaching helps both the aspiring and more experienced writer bust through roadblocks they are facing in their creative works. Often, we artists get bogged down in our usual practices. Sometimes we isolate ourselves in our work. Soon, we feel the pangs of writer’s block, or even worse, the lack of inspiration to write at all.
We have all been there…
How does one break out of this rut? A creativity coach can help a writer analyze both their strengths and weaknesses to put them back on the path to creating.
Need help generating work or working through personal blocks? A mini-boot camp or month-long boot camp can supercharge your writing. Registration for both the March Mini-Camp and April National Poetry Writing Month are open now! Register at https://inspiringmuses.wordpress.com
One-on-one mentor is available on a private basis. I can help you work through your blocks through email or messaging. I can also evaluate short shorts, giving you the strengths and weaknesses in a piece. Interested in one-on-one coaching? Contact me directly at inspringmusesblog@gmail.com for more details.

Signed Copies Available

Signed copies of each of my poetry collections are available for $8 shipped for a limited time only. Contact me directly at jennsmithak @gmail.com for details. To read about each book, please see the links.



Exciting News for 2019

Coming soon! Be on the lookout for something special from the creator of this blog, me! Yes, I am a writer. I am focused on my own goals, but enjoy helping others reach their goals as well. Keep a lookout for something special that I have to offer to help you reach your goals.

Be the best for 2019!



2019 Special

For the new year, I would like to extend the following special. Get either of my two books for a special price of $9 shipped. Save $10 over regular price with shipping. Check the links below for descriptions, but email me directly at jennsmithak at gmail.com to take advantage of this offer. I accept PayPal. And, yes, I will sign them.

Medusa: https://www.politics-prose.com/book/9781624291272

Weathered Fragments: https://www.politics-prose.com/book/9781624291524

Welcome to 2019!

Today is the day we think about goals for this new year. Think about it, what do you want 2019 to bring to you? What do you want to make happen?

I was blessed to publish my second book of poetry, publish 17 individual poems and hold my first reading. Yet, there will be more to come in 2019.

My goals for 2019:

Set up my writing coach boot camps and anthologies (more on this later)

Convert my poem series Medusa to prose (novella). I started work on this yesterday

Finish the Fleeting Lights, a book that I started long, long time ago

Publish the family cookbook (this has been sent to the publisher)

Complete poem collection, Beyond the Pink

Publish a minimum of 5 blog posts a week (been slacking here).

How about you?