June PoWriMo Day 16

Raw excerpt for today:
The Collection Plate
Yeah, we weren’t supposed to pay attention to what was placed in the collection plate, but you know you did. While your eyes were supposed to be on the minister, clad in beige trousers and the same black jacket every Sunday, your eyes lingered where they should not have, and you didn’t care.

June PoWriMo Prompt #16

Thinking of food today. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to partake in the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference in Homer, Alaska. Thorough the many exercises and workshops I participated in, I thought of a story I had about babka. It is a bread typically served around Easter in many Eastern European countries. In my story, I was making the bread for the first time while I was pregnant with my daughter. Never would I imagine how much and how often you had to punch bread dough down before you could bake it. This act of repetitive punching and dough became a metaphor for a piece that I will write and finish later on.

Prompt for today: think about food. It could be a seasonal food, like babka, or any common dish. Think about preparing it. What would you prepare, and what parallels can be make from the preparation, or even eating, of this food or dish. Write about it.