5 Poems: Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow

I am pleased to announce that Five 2 One Magazine has accepted 5 of my poems for its #thesideshow project.  These poems include: Korean Cherry Tea, October, Shinjang Hills, The Debate and When I Did Sleep.  They go live the 26th.  I’m so excited. I will post when they go up!  Check them out! http://five2onemagazine.com/


June PoWriMo Day 21

Raw excerpt today.  I will admit, this one is a bit more disturbing than most…

[She] wanted me to commit murder
almost every night I picked her
up from the plastics factory at
which she worked. She singled
out a victim or two, commanding me,
“run over that one,” as one of her
foreman would amble in front of the
car after a 12 hour shift.