June PoWriMo Day #4

Small raw excerpt from “Isle of Sankos.”  This poem will be a part of a larger cycle of narrative poems in the Dapania series.

The isle of Sankos knows no living man,

only those who perished on its golden

beaches after Dapania sang them

her song of longing, of passion,  of a

desperate love she desired but lacked.

June PoWriMo Prompt #4

I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology.  It is no surprise that I spent a month writing a series of poems on the Medusa myth.  I really enjoyed it.  Athena was my star, with Poseidon playing a smaller, but significant role.

Prompt #4: The Greek gods/goddesses

Write a poem or story based on a Greek god/goddess that intrigues you.  Feel free to venture beyond Zeus and Poseidon. There are tons of them out there.  Experiment and see what you come up with.