June PoWriMo Day #2

Just a small raw snippet today, as it is part of a three line/haiku style poem.  Not much to share without posting it all, LOL.


Moose trots to open embrace


June PoWriMo Prompt #2

Some things are just summer.  Take, for instance, the weather: hot. Think 4th of July.  Think state fairs and carnivals.  Think cotton candy.

With these things in mind, consider this phrase: hot candy.  Think about the phrase.  Think about summer and write about it.

Prompt #2: hot candy


June PoWriMo Prompt #1

OK, for those of you looking for prompts, or perhaps want to join me in writing more (30 poems!) this month, here is your daily prompt.  Some days it will be a scenario.  Other days it will be a word or phrase.  Take what you can from them and just write!

One word: gruntled.  Yes, this is a word.  Not disgruntled, which is the better known word. Nope.

Gruntled: means to be pleased, satisfied, and contented.  Use this word as you will in your next writing project.

Get writing!