June PoWriMo Prompt #5

This one didn’t post yesterday, so it is a day late.  Oops!

Prompt for the day: I was fascinated with Crayola colors in art class as a child. Two crayons colors I was drawn to were the blue-green and the green-blue crayons.  Yup, you are probably thinking what I was thinking: wouldn’t they be the same color? No, they weren’t, as one was a bit more green and the other a bit more blue.  I was drawn to them and would use them frequently, fascinated by the fact of how dominance of one color changed the entire color combination.

Yeah, probably not the most productive use of art class, but hey, I enjoyed color!

Prompt:  Think of color.  What fascinates you?  How does color effect you?  Think of a memory and the effect of color.




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