June PoWriMo Prompts #23 & #24

Prompts for the 23rd and 24th.

#23 Pick a language. Doesn’t matter which one.Just don’t use English. Pick a word from that language. Why did you pick that word? What does it mean? Try using it in a narrative, but not one of its native origin. (For instance, from French “chaine.” A word often used in dance, this word means to turn rapidly in a straight line. Do not use it in this context, but in a different way.)

#24 This is a take on the erasure poem. Grab a news article off the internet. Copy and paste it into Word (or another word processor). Randomly throughout the article, select a word or phrase that interests you. Select about 10, then erase everything around these selected words. What do you have left? Scramble them. What can you make out of these words? What do these words inspire?

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